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A rigorous, independent, confidential, proactive, tailored way of attracting top talent for your organization. Key to successful completions of each search is starting with a thorough understanding of our clients strategic goals and objectives. Our deep market knowledge, senior level access and transparency of process ensures the right match is achieved by both client and candidate.


Talent Diagnostics focuses on talent performance by targeting and assessing culture, talent competency and team dynamics.

The leading edge talent diagnostic solutions allow an organisation to proactively assess and “validate” its Executive talent pool in a measurable and comparable manner. By doing so the organisation can ensure that it: has the right executives, with the appropriate qualities, in the most effective roles and performing at the desired level thereby reducing talent risk through succession and career planning.


Helping your organisation identify and develop leadership capability aligned to your culture and organisation’s priorities, and defining the capability needed for critical roles. We strengthen the managerial skills of professionals who lead and drive teams, and we help increase the levels of commitment, improve group abilities, raise levels of independence…and, all in all, make the leader, the team and the business “grow”.


Currently corporate governance is more under scrutiny than ever. The decision to bring a new Director is of utmost importance for any Governing Body. We are committed to finding the right Advisors, and to offering advice to Chairmen regarding succession and designations. We make sure that the mosaic formed by the variety of expertise and profiles on their boards matches their business strategies as closely as possible.


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